Stress from Summer heat and drought in Bath Ohio

 How to beat the heat in Bath Township Ohio

During the Summer when we all love to spend time outside, hiking, biking, spending time at the beach or by the pool, having picnics, we rely on the weather to cooperate and to allow us to enjoy the outdoors in Bath OH. During the summertime when the warm weather comes there are a few things you should know about your lawn. Your plantings and grass will react to the heat by either wilting, browning, or even dying. Some facts to know about your lawn and your plantings are that they can have and show a negative reaction to heat stress and drought like situations.

You may have a beautiful, thick, lush dark green lawn in the spring and after a few warm weeks in the late Spring and Summer you may begin to notice brown patches or what looks to be “dead” sections of the lawn. These reactions can be the beginning of a sign of heat stress in Bath OH.

Another, is that when the lawn is being weakened by this stress it is more susceptible to damages caused by insects, weeds, or diseases. Insects, weeds, and diseases are all very active in the summer months, this is the time of year to help your lawn defend itself against these issues. As a defense mechanism to the stress of drought and heat the lawn will sometimes go into what is called the dormant state to protect its health and longevity. Extended periods of dry weather and high temperatures will take a toll on your lawns health especially if you do not provide the lawn with a proper water schedule.


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