Growing Grass in Shady Areas in Fairlawn Ohio

Shady Lawns

If you have a lawn with shady areas in Fairlawn OH, you may find it extremely difficult to grow grass in those areas. This is one of the most common problems of all lawns. Grass needs at the very least 4 hours of sun a day to be able to grow. The shortage of sun will impact on the photosynthesis process. The grass cannot get enough energy to grow. This will result in reduce of vigor and the grasses cannot resist disease, stress, insects or weather condition changes.

You can improve this situation by trimming some of nearby shrubs and trees to let in more sun into the grass. Cut down tree branches as much as possible, as long as it does not destroy the beauty of the tree and the whole landscape. Before planting new trees, consider the number of existing trees, the density of those trees, and the light intensity decreased by the new trees. Keep in mind that shade trees should be planted 50 to 100 feet apart from each other. This also assist in getting water to the grass which is obviously another important part of its health.

Shade Tolerant Grass

Fine fescue and bluegrass are the most tolerant shade species of grass in Fairlawn Ohio. Fine fescue can grow well in shaded areas that are dry. Bluegrass prefers constantly wet soils. For moderately shady areas, tall fescue may tolerate the conditions as well.
Growing grass in shady areas is very possible if the basic requirements for its growth is known and understood clearly. The competition of the 3 factors being water, nutrients, and light. The fundamental cause of grass growing failure under shaded conditions. To improve grass in shady areas, please follow all the guidelines above because all of them are important and have a critical role in keeping the grass in shady areas nice and healthy.

If there are areas that are just too challenging to get sun and water to you could always turn the area into a flower bed in Fairlawn OH. Then plant drought resistant plants that enjoy shade or even go with a shade loving ground cover planting.


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