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5 Application Program

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Controlled Released Fertilizer

Crabgrass Prevention x2

Weed Control

Plan Details

6 Application Program

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Controlled Released Fertilizer

Crabgrass Prevention x2

Weed Control

Fall Winterizer

Plan Details

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    Custom Lawn Treatment with Premium Fertilization & Weed Control

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    Our approach calls for a selective use of products to fit your respective lawn. We use time released granular products and rather than making “blanket” applications, we always strive to use products only when needed at the rates necessary to achieve the best results.

    Choose 4 Seasons Services for Maintenance, Fertilization, Weed Control & More.

    We Offer the Following Care

    • Lawn Maintenance– complete turf care, including fertilizing and weed control. We apply 2 applications of crabgrass control instead of the standard 1 application to ensure superior results.
    • Preventative Turf Care– we strive to eliminate lawn problems before they begin.
    • Care for All Ohio Grass Types– we know how to properly care for all commonly used local turfgrass species.
    • Lawn Core Aeration & Overseeding–properly pulling cores from your lawn at the correct depth to improve the health and look. Core aeration allows beneficial nutrients to reach the grasses roots, relieves soil compaction and decreases thatch build-up. We also offer premium seed at the appropriate rate for a strong lush lawn.
    • Insect and Grub Control – Using first-rate control to take care of the pest you might encounter.
    • We are state certified applicators and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our lawn care services.
    • You can always ask our state certified technicians any questions you may have when they are on your property or feel free to email or call. Our objective is to produce beautiful results by doing everything we can to improve your lawn and landscape with each visit, treating your lawn as if it were their own.

    Lawn Pest Control

    Lawn pests not only cause damage to your lawn and landscaping but they can also become a annoyance to your family and four-legged friends. Common lawn pests can also be the cause of allergic reactions and can be a transmitter of diseases. Its important to have a professional with the experience and proper education properly treat for these pests.


    Tree & Shrub Fertilization

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    Preserving our trees and shrubs and helping them thrive in the urban forest is a goal and is extremely important to us, as it should be to everyone. Our trees are an extremely valuable natural resource.

    4 Seasons Services offers premium fertilization programs for the trees and shrubs in your planting beds. You can add this service to our lawn care plan to improve the health of your trees and shrubs.

    A balanced fertilizer will be applied to your trees and shrubs once in the Spring and again in the Fall.  Spring is the most beneficial time of the year to apply fertilizer to your trees and shrubs as it provided the plant with valuable nourishment at the beginning of the growing season. Fall fertilization provides nutrients to the soil giving your trees and shrubs access to those valuable nutrients as needed.


    Here at 4 Seasons Services we offer a unique residential lawn maintenance program and competitive prices on our five or six application programs.

    We combine great customer service with our commitment to quality and exceptional lawn care services such as fertilizer and weed control. From green grass to the quality of the soil underneath, you can trust us to keep your yard looking healthy and great — top to bottom.

    Maintaining a green, lush and healthy lawn is time-consuming and an ongoing process.

    It is important that the correct products are used at the right time and in the right amounts to properly control weeds and pests. A consistent lawn care program takes the guesswork out of when to apply the appropriate nutrients for your grass. Instead of the industry standard of only one application we always apply two application of crabgrass control to ensure superior results.

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    We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied and you can cancel anytime. This unique approach allows the custom tailoring of your lawn services and the ability for you to terminate at any time for any given reason. We have always successfully managed our customer’s needs through this process and feel it is a great fit for our custom lawn care programs.


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