101 Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips


Tip #101

Splitting bulbs like tulips, daffodils, crocus and other flowering bulbs promotes good health. It also promotes more flowering and you can enjoy flowering bulbs in more places in your gardens. It is recommended to be done every 5-10 years depending on the growth habits of the particular bulbs.

Tip #100

Hydrangea shrub flowers can be pink, purple or blue. When the soil is acidic they are blue, neutral purple and in alkaline they are pink. You can change the pH of your soil to get the color you like best.

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Tip #99

The best time to water your lawn in Hudson Ohio is early in the morning because the sun will help dry the grass. Nighttime watering can result in prolonged moisture on the blades, which can open the door for some diseases.

Tip #98

Ground cover perennial plants in your flower beds can be a great living mulch. They retain water like traditional mulch and save you money over the years not needing to continually purchase new mulch in Medina Ohio.

Tip #97

Always make sure you mower deck is clean before mowing in Rittman OH. Keeping it clean produces the best result cutting the grass. When it is not clean the mower loses suction and holds moisture against the steel which promotes rust.

Tip #96

When mowing on slopes with a lawn mower use extreme caution and never refuel a mower engine when it is hot.

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Tip #95

If you have a dog that spends any time in your yard in Canal Fulton Ohio, your lawn will show it, Large yellow and dead spots in your lawn will show. The nitrogen in dog urine is the culprit. Encourage your dog to use just one spot in the yard. Make a gravel or mulch area where your dog can do his business without spotting the lawn. Yard training your dog in the same way you house trained him. Walk him out to the area you want him to use and use treats to reward good behavior.

Tip #94

Make sure your exterior faucets are turned off in the interior of your home with a shutoff valve before temperatures reach at or below freezing to avoid damage in Silver Lake OH. They now make “frostproof exterior faucets” that do not need turned off in the interior for the winter.

Tip #93

Before operating a lawn mower in Stow Ohio always put on appropriate clothing, footwear and sunscreen. Wear eye and hearing protection and any other safety equipment the manufacturer specifies.

Tip #92

Newly seeded grass needs 2 to 4 weeks to get established after germination before you should mow for the first time. The blades are tender and easily damage. The foot and mower traffic could compact the soil, especially if the soil is moist. Mow when the grass is 1 inch taller than recommended regular mowing height in Doylestown Ohio.

Tip #91

Mulching or discharging your grass when mowing is much healthier for your grass. It replenishes nutrients to your lawn instead of hauling them away. Mulching also helps keep the the moisture in the soil for your grass also in Massillon Ohio.

Tip #90

Always make sure your lawn mower blades are balanced in Canton Ohio. If unbalanced they can damage you mower and leave an uneven cut on your lawn.

Tip #89

When planting shrubs, flowers or trees you should tease or ruff up the roots of the new plant before planting. This prevents root wrap and helps the plants root into its new surroundings in Rittman OH.

Tip #88

Most flowering shrubs and hedges should be pruned immediately after they are done flowering. This way you do not remove the flowering buds set for next year later in the season.

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Tip #87

Many winters in Northeast Ohio will damage the flowers on hydrangeas. Hydrangeas set their flower buds the season before. They are prone to damage in our harsh winters. You can protect them by wrapping burlap or any other suitable fabric around them across the winter and stuffing them full of leaves. This insulates them from cold temperatures and damage to the flower buds that can happen.

Tip #86

When planting in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio a tree, shrub or flower always dig your hole twice the size of the container it came in. You do not want compacted soil around your new plant. Promotes plenty of oxygen and water for your new plant.

Tip #85

Mowing your lawn in a different direction frequently is healthy for the grass to be pushed in a different direction. Mowing in a different pattern also helps the soil not become compacted in Mogadore Ohio.

Tip #84

Trees and Shrubs should be checked for insects so that the tree or shrub does not suffer from infestation of insects in Northeast Ohio.

Tip #83

Watering fast and lightly will only allow the water to run off and never soak into the soil and not benefit the roots of the trees or shrubs.

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Tip #82

In Massillon Ohio grass slows down the flow of water and if the soil is not compacted will absorb the runoff and can bank the water for later use by the grass and plants. Grass will also clean the impurities and dust as it flows through the grass. Rainwater filtered through a Healthy lawn can be 10 times less acidic than water running off  hard surfaces.

Tip #81

Lawn Weed Control is still possible to get those dandelions out of your lawn all season long even if you missed them in the Spring in Kent Ohio.

Tip #80

Did you know that grass help dissipates heat island effect caused by the asphalt, hardscapes, sidewalks and concrete? Lawns in Hudson Ohio can be up to 20 degrees cooler than bare soil and can also be 31 degrees cooler than asphalt or other hard surfaces. So yes having grass does help the environment. Grass is great and helps clean the air and also helps to keep our topsoil from washing away!

Tip #79

When thinking of purchasing a new home in Uniontown Ohio take the time to look at the entire property and the neighboring properties as well. The trees growing in and over the property line from the neighbors can cause a host of problems for your lawn and landscape.

Tip #78

Did you know that lawns are the largest carbon washer in the U.S. and that by caring for your lawn properly you help clean the the air? With a green, healthy lawn that helps suck up and remove greenhouses gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Grass helps sequesters carbon dioxide so well, that is outweighs the carbon used for maintaining your lawn by as much as seven-fold. This is why it helps to have healthy and thick grass to help clean the air we all breath here in Akron Ohio and surrounding areas.

Tip #77

Choosing the right grass seed in Hartville Ohio is very important for your lawn. Your climate zone will effect how the grass grows and thrives and should be considered when selecting a grass seed to make a lawn the best it can be.

Tip #76

Flea and Ticks like moist environments as well as cool shady areas also in Jackson Township OH. A Flea & Tick Control Programs can help allow your pets to enjoy life and not carry Fleas and Ticks!

Tip #75

New grass seed can be disturbed by dogs walking on the wet soil and rough housing on new grass in Hinckley Ohio. Dogs can’t pee on the new grass as this will hinder growth of new grass seed and cause bare spots in germination. Caution should be used when you clean up dog waste as this will disturb the soil and remove the new grass seed with the dog waste.

Tip #74

Did you know that scalping your grass has no benefit for your lawn and can help kill your grass? When you scalp your grass, you stress the grass and it is easier for weeds to germinate because the sun can reach the soil and allow the weeds to grow. If you would like to hire a lawn mowing service in Akron Ohio or surrounding areas call 4 Seasons Services today. 330-620-6200

Tip #73

A lawn that is brown in a dry summer is dying is a myth. With high summer temperatures and lack of moisture grass will go into dormancy and is not dead. The lawn is just waiting for moisture to green up again.

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Tip #72

A common mistake in Green Ohio is that aeration can only be done in Spring or Fall because that is when the ground is soft enough. With professional equipment lawn aeration can be done anytime of the year.

Tip #71

Crabgrass is an annual weed that loves warm weather and thrives in wet soggy weather in Canal Fulton Ohio. Crabgrass Preventer is the best course of action in the spring by preventing the crabgrass seed from taking root. Scalping edges of the sidewalks, curbs, asphalt driveways, walkways and roads is the easiest place for Crabgrass to grow and flourish.

Tip #70

The use of landscape fabric in Medina Ohio can be used in the wrong way in flower beds and cause problems with your trees and shrubs. You must make sure the soil is properly prepared, fabric is installed face side up and is properly overlapped to the next piece.

Tip #69

Key to success with Butterfly Bushes in North Canton Ohio is to plant in full sun in your landscape beds so that they receive at least 8 hours of direct sunlight and planted in well-drained soil. Did you know soils heavy in clay can lead to root rot? Prune only in spring, after new growth has appeared on the stems.

Tip #68

Rose Bush pruning is an easy way to help keep your Rose bushes blooming and looking their best all season long when pruned properly here Richfield Ohio. Remove all suckers down at the root of the Rose Bush. Pruning off all dead or diseased canes is also helpful to the Rose Bush. For help pruning your Rose bushes contact us by email at 4Seasons_srvc@att.net

Tip #67

If Japanese Beatles go untreated in Akron Ohio they can cause major damage to your landscape at your property.

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Tip #66

Weed control in the landscape beds and the lawn is essential for a beautiful lawn and landscape beds in Clinton OH. If weeds are left to go to seed in your lawn they will move by the wind, cats, birds to your landscape beds creating a bigger problem as there is less competition for the soil for the weeds to flourish in the flower beds. The weeds in the beds will take water and nutrients away from your landscape. In turn making the landscape plants suffer and possibly even die.

Tip #65

The Fall Season in Munroe Falls OH is the best time to plant trees, shrubs, bulbs and perennials. Plus you will be rewarded next Spring with all your hard work.

Tip #64

If you decide to have a tree planted in Jackson Township Ohio remember the mature size of the tree so you select the “Right Tree for the Right Place”. You also need to remember that the tree will need to be watered weekly for the first year to have great success. If you do nothing the tree will suffer.

Tip #63

It is a good idea to put supports around your tall and fast growing perennials in New Franklin Ohio. This will keep the perennials from being damaged. If they are hanging over other plants and not allowing the other plants the thrive and survive or if they are laying over the lawn and not allowing the grass to receive enough light.

Tip #62

Remember for the best results for scorching days of 90 degrees your annual flowers will need a little boost of water to help allow the annuals to set a great root system. Also every 3rd watering with Miracle-Gro will give your annuals and perennials a boost of extra flowering buds in Clinton Ohio.

Tip #61

On hot, dry days of summer it is essential that all trees and shrubs that were planted the same season or the season before to receive water each week to keep the trees and shrubs nourished. In a few short hot, humid, dry days in Portage Lakes OH your trees and shrubs could die and not recover. Protect your investment with proper watering and allow your trees and shrubs to thrive and survive summer in Portage Lakes OH!

Tip #60

Biting and stinging insects are found less often in lawns that are free of blooming weeds in Norton Ohio.

Tip #59

Your home and office Curb Appeal is important in Green OH. Is your lawn being mowed with no visible weeds? Have the leaves been raked? Are any tree limbs near or touching your home or office? Are overgrown trees or shrubs blocking a striking architectural features from your view? You will be surprised at what a difference a little lawn maintenance and pruning can make for your curb appeal.

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Tip #58

Landscapes work hard in enhancing any living or working environment in Barberton Ohio. Consider that your lawn, trees and hedges clean and filter water and air, produce a tremendous amount of oxygen, provide natural air conditioning in the summer and add to your homes insulation in the winter. The turf and trees at your property also absorb sound very efficiently to create more peaceful surroundings.

Tip #57

For a successful landscape project it all starts with a Landscape Design in Wadsworth Ohio. This allows for all the steps in the landscape project to be taken in the proper order to save time and the client money. You would not build a house without having a set of plans, so why try to build a landscape with out a Landscape Design.

Tip #56

Butterflies love to sunbathe so install flat stones or rocks to attract the butterflies so they stop and warm their wings while they are on the warm rocks or stones. Butterflies are cold blooded and need to warm their wings to fly around.

Tip #55

Looking to attract Butterflies to your house? Choose nectar-rich, colorful, fragrant plants for your butterfly garden such as lilac, cone flowers, lavender and even the butterfly bush. Butterflies like the sun so always pick a sunny spot for your butterfly gardens in Tallmadge OH.

Tip #54

For a healthy thick lush lawn fertilizing & watering are some of the ways to help your lawn in Hinckley OH. Proper mowing height, sharp mower blades, Aeration & Overseeding of the lawn to help thicken the lawn up in areas that are thin or have died out.

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Tip #53

Always check the ends of your downspouts and drainage ditches to make sure no debris are blocking the flow of water. This will ensure the spring rains will have adequate run off away from your home and property in Copley Ohio.

Tip #52

How you prune will determine the future growth patterns of your trees and shrubs in Portage Lakes Ohio. Contact us through www.4SeasonsServices.net to properly care for your landscape.

Tip #51

Mulching landscape beds in Coventry Township OH will help maintain a more even soil temperature throughout the year.

Tip #50

When deciding on a new Landscape Design or a Landscape Renovation the most important step is your budget. With a realistic budget a Landscape Design can be designed to match a clients budget without additional charges or time delays.

Tip #49

For a successful Lawn Treatment Program we recommend Grub Control to stop the damage to your lawn from Skunks, Raccoons, Moles and Voles in your lawn in Akron Ohio.

Tip #48

Weed Control in your landscape beds is a must for a great landscape all season long here in Bath OH. You should not let the weeds grow and flourish and go to head. When the weed goes to seed there will be thousands more weed seeds deposited into your lawn and landscape beds here in Bath OH. 4 Seasons Services can help you maintain your flower beds.

Tip #47

The first reason in Canton Ohio a tree should be removed is if it is a undesirable tree that you will spend all of your free time cleaning up the debris that will fall in high winds or in snow or ice.

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Tip #46

In Uniontown OH annual grass seeds can also be blown into your yard from miles away in windy conditions. For these reasons, yearly applications of pre-emergents are necessary for maximum prevention and control.

Tip #45

The benefits of human interaction with plants, trees, and grass are well studied and documented. Research has found that people find stress relief and healing when interacting with nature or even when just viewing nature on a computer screen or through a window. Children with ADHD seem to focus better after being outdoors (Harvard Health Publications). Workers are also more productive when working in environments with plants and cognitive function is improved.

Tip #44

Fall Mulching in Cuyahoga Falls OH helps keep the freezing temperatures from freezing out the roots of many trees, shrubs and perennial flowers.

Tip #43

How do you know Spring will return in Barberton OH? Take a minute and go look at the trees and shrubs in your yard and look for the buds at the end of the branches. That is our guarantee of another Spring!

Tip #42

If your shrubs at your home, office or commercial property need shrub trimming service before the heavy snows of winter North Canton Ohio. It can break and damage shrubs that are overgrown and have heavy branches drooping now! The team at 4 Seasons Services will trim and prune your shrubs so that your landscape will look beautiful when they are finished. Contact at our web site at 4SeasonsServices.net to get started!

Tip #41

When selecting a tree or shrub put some thought to given area you want the tree or shrub planted in and what you want from it. Doing research about the particular plant or getting advice from your local nursery in Akron Ohio is always a good idea.

Tip #40

Watering is a delicate balance in Kent Ohio. Too much water means the plants can not breathe well and too little water and the plants will wilt and die. Plants cannot and will not thrive or even survive if they are stressed for water. There will be times that all plants will require watering during times of drought. If plants are left to die then the value that they added to the property are lost and then your will have the added cost of replacing them. It is far more cost effective to water then it is to remove and replace plants that were not watered. Lawns require 1” of water a week and plants require about an 1” of water a week applied slowly so there is not much runoff. Proper watering allows your investments to grow!

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Tip #39

When winter sets in Doylestown Ohio please remember to set out fresh water daily for the wildlife and make sure you do not leave the pets outdoors to long on cold, windy days. When the snows arrive the birds will need help to find food so provide a little food and shovel the snow off areas of the lawn so the birds can scratch around.

Tip #38

Making Your Best Impression! If you’re thinking about selling your home in the future in Richfield Ohio, keep in mind that curb appeal can make or break the deal. The majority of potential buyers will decide whether or not they want to look inside your house based on what they see when they drive by your home. If it’s not pretty outside they will think it will not be well kept on the inside.

Tip #37

Leaf Cleanup should be done multiple times to allow the grass and the shrubs in your landscape beds to receive the proper amount of sunlight and oxygen to live and survive here in Akron OH. It also takes longer to cleanup leaves when you have to deal with a greater volume of leaves down on the lawns here in Akron OH.

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Tip #36

The best time of year to take a soil sample from your yard in Fairlawn OH is in the spring. This time of year gives you the most accurate reading of your soil.

Tip #35

The best time to start any lawn treatment program in Copley OH is any time! Why wait and allow the weeds to grow and mature? Why not give the lawn the nutrients it requires to thrive.

Tip #34

In the Spring in Stow OH if you have snow mold in your grass in areas after a hard Winter. A light raking of the affected areas will help the grass recover.

Tip #33

Researches are now finding that fall fertilization programs are creating additional benefits that can carry well into next year. Ohio State University recent studies show overall turfgrass physiological health is improved for the following season with a fall fertilizer application vs. turf that is untreated at the end of the growing season. Fall fertilization also helps turf recover faster from summer stress, maintaining a green turf color into early winter while providing quick green-up in the spring. Fall Fertilization also can help the turf grow deeper roots during the spring according to J. Copeland.

Tip #32

For your last mow of the season in Munroe Falls OH residents you should always mow your grass a little shorter to help against disease across the winter.

Tip #31

Most types of lawn grass grows best in slightly acidic soil in Hudson Ohio with a pH between 6 and 7. If your soil pH is below 5.5 your lawn will not grow well. Do not expect an extra application of fertilizer to help because highly acidic soil can’t absorb nutrients effectively. To Raise you pH a lime application is best to apply between fall and early spring.

Tip #30

The myth of the best time to replace the lawn is in the spring, as plants get ready to bloom. Sowing seeds in the spring sets one up for potential problems, as heat sets in during the summer months and weeds compete for space. The best time to sow seeds is in the fall when the temperatures are more consistent and highly competitive weeds, like crabgrass, have gone dormant in Hartville OH.

Tip #29

Lawn Seeding is needed on each lawn in Springfield Township OH each year as there is always some grass dying out from age, disease, drought damage or lack of sunlight and moisture.

Tip #28

Here are some Benefits of Aeration: 1. Improved appearance and health of your lawn. 2. Relieves soil compaction to help reduce run off of rain water and fertilizer. 3. Helps to break down thatch 4. Stimulates roots of the grass to grow deeper to help during dry spells and helps keep the grass healthy. 5. Allow the grass to recover faster after a dry spell or summer stress. 6. Allows the lawn to receive the most benefit from lawn applications.

Tip #27

All shrubs need trimming and pruning throughout their life in Fairlawn Ohio. Not only does it keep them healthy it will make your home, office or commercial property stand out from the rest. A shrub left to grow and neglected is like planting a garden and not weeding or watering! Your shrubs need 4 Seasons Services loving care from time to time to remove dead branches (wood), trimming and thinning to allow for proper growth Call 4 Seasons Services for a free estimate. 330-620-6200

Tip #26

Proper Tree, Shrub and lawn care requires watering during times of dry spells or drought in Bath OH. All plants including flowers, shrubs, grass and trees need proper moisture to survive and thrive. Long deep watering in times of drought in Bath OH can be critical for your landscapes health or even survival.

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Tip #25

Organic mulch helps the soil bank moisture for the plants to use during times of drought or dry spells here in New Franklin OH. Organic mulch also helps to keep weed seeds from germinating in the soil.

Tip #24

Spring Clean-ups of your lawn and landscaping beds should be completed before the first Lawn Care Treatment in Tallmadge Ohio. So that while raking and cleaning of the lawn the barrier for Crabgrass Protection is not broken.

Tip #23

By diagnosing and treating problems right the first time in the lawn and not using extra chemicals is critical. That why hiring a professional lawn care providers in Green OH can be the right solution for your lawn without taking any chances.

Tip #22

Having your lawn mower maintained properly year round in Wadsworth Ohio is very important for homeowners or mowing contractors . Having the blades run at the proper speed makes a clean cut on the lawn and does not clump grass in the yard. If something leaks from the lawn mower it could do irreversible damage to the soil and grass. Remember hiring a company with commercial equipment with professional practices with their equipment is important.

Tip #21

In North Canton Ohio properly mowing, watering and fertilizing lawns encourages healthy growth and minimizes thin turf and weeds in your lawn. Call or email 4 Seasons Services today for a free estimate 330-620-6200 4Seasons_srvc @att.net

Tip #20

Common Dandelion is a perennial that overwinters as a small rosette of leaves in Medina Ohio. Seedlings grow from a taproot and begin to emerge in early spring when soil temperatures reach 50 degrees. For early- season control of weeds that overwintered, apply a weed control to the turf early in the spring when temperatures are still cool.

Tip #19

Beautiful well maintained lawns and landscape can add as much as 20% to the value of your property in Fairlawn OH. This is very important if you are considering or have your home on the market for sale.

Tip #18

When mowing your lawn in Uniontown OH you should only remove 1/3 or less of the grass blade to keep the grass healthy. Removing more than this can promote disease and weeds in your lawn.

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Tip #17

A dense vegetative cover of turfgrass on a lawn reduces pollution and runoff. If your grass is thin and sickly, pollution and runoff from a lawn increases dramatically. A healthy thick lush lawn is better at controlling pollution that can affect water quality in streams and rivers in Portage Lakes and surrounding areas.

Tip #16

Before sending your live Christmas trees to the trash in Portage Lakes OH, remember that it can find new life after the holidays are over. The trees can be recycled into a variety of uses, including mulch, compost and wildlife habitats. Mulching, chipping or composting Christmas trees after the holidays is a wise alternative to just throwing them in landfills and uses up no space at the landfill. Everyone who uses a live-cut Christmas tree should really consider recycling them.

Tip #15

The leaves look beautiful on the lawn with all the brilliant colors in the fall in Coventry Township OH but think twice before you allow all the leaves to accumulate on your grass or landscaping plants. If leaves are not removed, the blankets of leaves can suffocate your grass or your plants in the landscape beds. Leaves block them from getting the sunlight, water and nutrients that they need to survive. A good rule of thumb is that if you cant’s see the grass or plants through the leaves, then the grass can not grow or the plants will die due to lack of oxygen.

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Tip #14

One of the most beneficial things that you can do to help is aerating your yard. Aeration is achieved by using a gas powered machine that removes thousands of deep plugs of soil from your lawn that has become compacted over time. Aeration should be done every year to achieve the best results and to promote a healthy green lawn in Barberton OH.

Tip #13

Annual grasses like crabgrass are extremely aggressive in Wadsworth Ohio. Without treatment, they’ll thin and choke out your good grass as they compete for growing space in your lawn.

Tip #12

Keeping grass cut at the proper height in Green OH helps the grass retain water to keep it healthier even in harsh drought conditions.

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Tip #11

Grass and other plants take in carbon dioxide from the air, plus water from their roots and turn them into oxygen. This is why feeding the lawn helps the grass receive the proper nutrients and to also keep the weeds under control.

Tip #10

A healthy lawn that is weed free and has the proper amount of fertilizer applied to it is very important to our local environment and the waterways. Plus it makes time spent in the lawn more enjoyable and adds value to your home in Canton Ohio.

Tip #9

Sharp blades while cutting the grass is important to leave a clean cut and not damage the grass. The same applies for when pruning your shrubs.

Tip #8

Clean gutters & down spouts are not just for appearance, but are necessary to remove rain water away from around your homes foundation and other critical areas on your property.

Tip #7

There is nothing more appealing than to look out your windows and seeing a beautiful flower garden in Cuyahoga Falls OH. 4 Seasons Services will work with you so that your flower garden is something that you look forward to seeing throughout your day. Let us maintain your brilliant flowers beds all season long. So you can enjoy your landscape from inside your home also.

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Tip #6

It is important to remember that what we do to the soil now could affect our entire grass, plant, shrub or tree growing season. The soils health does matter.

Tip #5

Educated professionals keep up to date on the latest treatments in Copley OH, so they can keep your property looking its best while using only whats needed when and where it’s needed for good overall plant health.

Tip #4

Give some thought to what kind of annual or perennial flowers you would like to plant in the spring during the winter to help with the winter blues. The spring collection catalogs are arriving daily in the mailboxes to help make selections. Plenty of colorful, beautiful brilliant, vibrant flowers to choose from.

Tip #3

Lawns cool the atmosphere. Eight healthy front lawns have the cooling effects of seventy two tons of air conditioning, which is enough for 16 average homes in Tallamdge OH.

Tip #2

While pruning, trimming and thinning can certainly be done any time of the year, most trees and hedges respond best if they’re pruned, trimmed or thinned in the fall or winter (while they’re dormant). Call now in Akron OH to schedule an appointment to have 4 Seasons Services stop and discuss your tree and shrub care needs.

Tip #1

Pre-Emergents are the key to controlling any Weeds or Annual grasses like crabgrass that are extremely aggressive. Without treatment, they will thin and then choke out your good grass as they compete for growing area in your lawn. In just a few years, you could be left with little or no healthy turf. A short life span enables annual grasses to mature quickly, appearing in your grass without any warning. Though post-emergent herbicides are available to treat annual grasses after they sprout, preventing them from appearing in the first place is the best way to keep your lawn thick and healthy. Early spring is the ideal time to take preventative measures by applying pre-emergents.

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