The use of Pre-emergents ; Kent, Ohio

Pre Emergents

Weeds are pesky that can mar the beauty of well manicured lawn in Kent, Ohio. They can create headaches for both a homeowner and lawn care companies. Weeds are not pretty and then have a potentially devastating effect on the entire lawn if allowed to spread. The weeds will compete with your grass for sunlight, water, air and essential nutrients that the need to look good and be healthy. An infestation can become uncontrollable pretty quickly so you have to always take action. If you apply weed pre emergents too late and the pre emergents will be ineffective.

All experts agree that waiting too late to use a weed pre emergents is not going to help you or your lawn. Pre emergents for weed treatment must attack the weeds while they are still seeds. So to eliminate unwanted plants before they begin to germinate.

Your soil should be in the low to mid 50s if at all possible when applying weed pre emergents. When they are properly watered in, pre emergents will form a thin barrier in the top layer of the soil. When a weed seed germinates and comes into contact with the pre emergent, it will probably be destroyed. A uniform coverage of the emergent must be provided in the locations where you want to deny weeds from getting a foothold.

A few things you must remember about weed pre emergents:

  • Pre emergent weed control works by inhibiting the development of newly germinated seeds.
  • The herbicide does not prohibit germination; rather, the barrier you have set up stops the development of weed seeds.
  • Water your weed pre emergents after you lay them down to create the barrier against germination.
  • Too much rainfall or not enough in Kent and break the herbicide down more quickly than expected. You may need to make a repeat application.


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