Lawn Aeration

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4 Seasons Services is preforming core aeration services in Copley, Barberton and Norton Ohio.
The equipment we use pulls cores from your soil to eliminate soil compaction. Where some spike aerators only poke holes in the soil to create further compaction. Lawn aeration that removes compaction from the soil allows air, water, nutrients, and fertilizer to reach the roots in your lawn.

Thatch is natural and when it is kept at an acceptable level, can be beneficial to your lawn. An acceptable amount of thatch is a normal part of a healthy lawn. When thatch collects over ½ inch thick it is a problem. Thick thatch promotes insects and breeds disease.

Core Aeration speeds up the process of thatch decomposition, and keeps thatch at an acceptable level. With regular lawn aeration, thatch can be kept in check and not become a problem for your lawn. Most soils become hard and compact over time. The compacted soil particles do not have the area between them for water, air and roots.

Core Aeration lets the soil expand, and the space between soil particles is dramatically improved. Lawn roots, water and air can penetrate deeper in more open soils.
Core aeration in Copley, Barberton and Norton OH works with or without seed to improve your lawn. Golf courses core aerate many times a year with and without seed. The golf courses aerate so often because they know the great benefit of aeration to make turf happy, healthy and look appealing.

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1. a property inspection is preformed to take note of any potential risk areas.
2. A commercial Toro core aerator will be used to core aerate your lawn.
3. We use a smaller aerator for corners and hard to reach places ensuring all your lawn gets covered.
4. We clean sidewalks and driveways of any plugs, placing them back to the lawn to allow decomposition. Soil cores are left on the lawn to break down naturally, the natural decomposition is beneficial to your lawns health.

Lawn Overseeding

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Overseeding is the practice of planting additional grass seed over existing grass to boost and restore your lawn. It is a great service to add to core aeration.

The grass blades on your lawn get weak and perish with age. Making the lawn vulnerable to insects, disease and weeds. Areas in your yard that have damage from from temperatures or foot traffic also benefit from overseeding. It re-establishes a strong foundation and elevates the overall health and beauty of your lawn.

Ready to get started?

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