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Are you tired of spending all your evenings and weekends caring for your lawn in Silver Lake Ohio? 4 Seasons Services can help you can rest easy and have peace of mind that your lawn is being taken care of by a true lawn care professionals. Whether you need lawn care, pest control, aeration or overseeding 4 Seasons Services is your one stop shop.

Many homeowners in Silver Lake Ohio struggle with brown patches, disease and weeds in their lawn. Here at 4 Seasons Services our mission is to give you the healthy, green lawn you have always wanted, without all of the hard work! Our experienced lawn care company is trained to tackle any problem your lawn might present.

Quality Lawn Care Services With A Friendly Staff

We provide your lawn with top notch service with only the best products available in Silver Lake OH. On top of that at 4 Seasons Services our customer service has always been our number one priority, so we make sure to treat all of our customers like they are family. When you partner with 4 Seasons Services, you can rest assured your lawn care is in good hands and you will save both time and money.



Fertilization Services, Weed Control and More!

We time all of our lawn treatments specifically to the climate so your lawn always receives exactly what it needs in Silver Lake OH. Our lawn care applications provide everything your lawn needs to be its greenest and healthiest.


Core Aeration

Aeration is one of the most beneficial, but most forgotten lawn services in creating a great looking healthy lawn in Silver Lake, OH. Over time, soil naturally becomes very compacted and thatch begins to build up. This suffocates your lawns roots and blocks fertilizers and nutrients from penetrating the soil. Core aerating your lawn correctly provides the following benefits:

  • Greatly improves oxygen exchange between the soil and air
  • Enhances the soils water absorption immediately
  • Improves drastically the effectiveness of fertilizing
  • Encourages deep root growth of the turfgrass
  • Breaks up the thatch layer and alleviates compaction of the soil

Even the best maintained turfgrass will thin out over time. As the seasons pass, your lawn will become increasingly susceptible to disease.

The best way to maintain a thick and healthy lawn is to overseed frequently in Silver Lake, Ohio.

Not only will overseeding improve the look of your lawn, but a thick and healthy lawn helps choke out crabgrass and weeds. In addition, a thick healthy lawn requires less water to stay green.

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