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Fertilizing Lawns in Medina OH

Our lawn care program is the best way to keep your lawn looking great with dense, lush, green grass and weed free. Once you have the lawn of your dreams let us keep it looking great with our lawn care services in Medina Ohio. Not only will we keep your grass healthy, green and lush, we provide all the lawn services necessary to make your Medina, OH lawn a showplace.

Our Lawn Care Programs

Are you picky about the way your lawn looks? Do you love the idea of having great curb appeal in Medina and adding value to your property? Our customers love our services and attention to the details. We love green healthy grass and we absolutely hate weeds. At 4 Seasons Services we are experts at using weed control, fertilizer, insecticides and everything else needed to keep the lawn looking its best. We maintain your entire lawn and hold ourselves to the high standard by applying applications at the proper time with the best products to keep your lawn pristine.

Why Choose Our Lawn Care Service In Medina, Ohio

Have you ever drove or walked by a neighbor's house and wonder why their lawn always seemed to look so good? Caring for a great lawn by a lawn care company takes more than just showing up. It Takes:

  • Experience. Experience in the adverse conditions and being state certified and trained for guaranteed results and service.
  • Equipment. We have high quality commercial equipment and we service our equipment on a regular basis. The equipment has digital controls to ensure proper applications.
  • We are locally owned business and our local business supports and contributes to our community.
  • Dependability.
  • Knowledgeable. We know when and how to fertilize, how to recognize unwanted insects and a wealth of other knowledge we need to know. We will also help you in setting your irrigation. Certainly a must in keeping your lawn beautiful is to have it healthy. A significant ingredient to not just your lawns and landscapes health is the proper amount of water.
  • Convenience, We make paying your invoice easy.
  • We care. This is really one of the most important reasons to use our lawn service. When you hire 4 Seasons Services we feel like we have just adopted your lawn. When we notice weeds or less than perfect grass, we are truly upset. We take great pride in all of our lawn customers always.


Our fertilizer and weed control lawn care program includes:

The right treatments at the right time. We are not selling lawn treatments - we are selling our service! 4 Seasons Services has a vast array of different techniques that we implement depending on the type of grass, time of the season and many other variables that contribute in a proper service. We give personalized services that the national companies simply cannot match.


Lawn aeration done properly is the process of removing soil cores from your lawn with a professional piece of equipment called a core aerator. Removing these cores from your lawn allows air, water, and nutrients down into the lawn which improves its health and look. Core aerating your lawn also alleviates soil compaction and the latch layer to further improve the health of your lawn.

Adding overseeding service when you aerate is a great idea in Medina Ohio. The seed mixes with the soil cores on the lawn and falls into the holes created by core aerating. Overseeding will establish new grass in your lawn and improve they look and density.

Custom Lawn Treatment with Premium Fertilization & Weed Control

Here at 4 Seasons Services we offer a unique lawn maintenance program and great prices on our five or six application programs. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied and you can cancel anytime. Our unique approach allows the custom tailoring of your lawn care services.

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