Mole Treatments

Moles are ground–dwelling carnivores that prefer to eat insects and their underground tunnels will ruin your lawn and make an easy access to your plants for other rodents.

If you have a significant invasion of moles or similar pests, it may be a sign of trouble. The professionals at 4 Seasons Services know how to rid these pests from your lawn with our standard 4 Application Program.

  • Our process is 100% organic.
    • The products we apply are completely safe for your family and pets.
  • Very effective at driving the Moles out.
    • We have great success in ridding your lawn of these burrowing pests.
  • Keeps them out.
    • The products we use makes your lawn undesirable for further infestation and the Moles are unlikely to return.

We highly recommend with any Mole infestation to also consider and application of a Grub preventative. Moles like to feed on Grub larva and by treating for and removing this food source it will greatly assist the effectiveness of Mole treatments.

Vole Treatment

Voles are not Moles! Often confused due to the tunnels in your lawn but Voles are very different animals. Voles prefer to eat vegetation and will feast on your lawn and landscape. These pest are opportunist as well and like to use Mole tunnels to help them move about your lawn from their nets to their feeding grounds. Voles have an appearance similar to a field mouse and will also leave "snake-like" trails all over your lawn.

Our approach to Vole treatments are the same as Moles. Rid these pests from your lawn with our standard 4 Application Program.

  • We use a 100% Organic product for treatment.
    • The product is safe for your family and pets.
  • Effectiveness.
    • The product we use have been proven effective at removing these pests from your property.
  • Our Get Out! and Stay Out! Approach.
    • Once we begin application the voles are unlikely to return.


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    Want to learn more about Moles and Voles?

    Click the link below to read more information about these pest and the damage they can cause to your lawn or watch the informational video put together for you by the professionals at 4 Seasons Services.

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