Clinton Ohio residents you might be surprised what a healthy lawn can do for you!

A well-maintained lawn in Clinton Ohio can help to provide a healthy, more pleasant environment for you, your family and your community. Here are some interesting facts about lawns that you may not be aware of and will be glad to learn:

• A 50' x 50' healthy lawn produces enough daily oxygen for a family of four in Clinton OH.
• Grass is a natural air conditioner by absorbing the suns heat.
• Grass cleans the air, absorbing pollutants and returning pure oxygen in exchange to the air.
• A thick, healthy green lawn naturally deters allergy-causing weed pollen in Clinton OH.
• Biting and stinging insects are found less often in lawns that are free of weeds.
• Noises are reduced in areas where lawns are present (soft surfaces absorb sound, while hard surfaces reflect it).
• Thick turf filters surface water before it returns to ground water supplies.
• Grass is as a natural barrier to soil erosion caused by wind and water.

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