Lawn Mowing Striping Like a Professional in Jackson Township Ohio

Lawn striping is a simple lawn mowing technique that leaves your yard looking professionally manicured in Jackson Township Ohio. Stripes are a great touch and enhance the aesthetic appearance of sports turf, golf courses and home lawns. Striping methods can be used to mow creative designs into lawns - simple checkerboard and diamond designs can have dramatic effects and more complex patterns will create buzz around the neighborhood.

Stripes are a visual effect caused by laying (or the bending) grass leaf blades over as you mow your lawn in opposite directions. Reflecting sunlight gives the look of alternating light and dark green stripes in Jackson Township OH. The grass blades that are bending in the direction you are mowing will appear as light green stripes and the blades bent toward you will appear to be a darker shade of green. Lawn stripes are not created by using special fertilizer techniques, different heights of cutting, painting different colors of green or using different types of grass species.
Any mower can create a stripe, the tires and deck will bend grass in the direction that it travels - some machines will stripe better than others. The best stripes are made with lawn mowers are commercial grade.

Grass-Types: cool seasons grasses- Kentucky bluegrass, fescues and perennial ryegrass - will stripe a lot better than warm seasons grasses. Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass stripe the best. Unfortunately most warm-season grasses will not stripe very well or not at all. It is possible to stripe some warm-season grasses with much extra effort. Bermudagrass overseeded with perennial ryegrass will stripe nicely mixed. Zoysia and bermuda should be mowed every couple of days to accomplish and keep a good stripe - often you have to 'burn' the stripes in by mowing the lawn in the same direction several times and this is not so good for the lawn - it tends to make wheel ruts and create soil compaction.
Mow in straight lines. The real key to good stripes and making patterns is mowing in straight lines on the lawn. The first pass is the most important - it serves as a guide for the following passes to come. Small curves will get bigger as you continue to mow so straighten crooked lines right away by re-mowing that stripe. Start by picking the greatest distance for your first pass or splitting the lawn right down the middle.
Tip: When mowing long distances - pick a landmark straight ahead of you and focus in on it. You will tend to veer in the direction you are looking so keep your head forward.

Practice lawn maintenance and your stripe patterns will stand out. Healthy lush lawns with a dark green color will produce stripes that really show up.
Cut higher and follow good mowing practices longer grass has more leaf area to lay down - reflecting more light - and will produce better stripes.
Depending on the direction of the sun hits the lawn can be a factor. At certain times of day your stripes will show up better - sometimes the angle of the sun makes them invisible. The place you are viewing the lawn from will also determine how well they will show. Consider light direction and viewing points when making your patterns - this usually requires a little trial and error before getting it right.
Avoid excessive wear and tire damage when making turns - try to make slow and wide turns - sharp, hard turns will damage your lawn. Tight 180 degree turns can rip and bruise the grass and cause compaction or excessive tire wear. Start your turn away from the next pass and then make a wide, sweeping turn that finishes in line with on the next pass - or make a 3-point Y turn. Your clean up laps will erase the turn around marks on the edges.
High lift mower blades for rotary mowers also can help. They create suction that stands the grass blades up for a good cut and then the mower deck or rollers will lay the grass down creating a nice striping. Remember to always to use sharp blades in Jackson Twp OH.
Frequent cuttings, double cutting or even going back and just rolling the lawn with your blades disengaged will intensify stripes.

Many professionals consider stripes to be a sign of high quality. With practice and a little creativity your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood also.
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